We design and install low voltage and medium voltage electrical power systems.

We make measurement and control system installations.

We automate and visualize technological processes.

We produce, service and calibrate mining measurement and control systems (anemometers, temperature indicators, air mass sensors).

Contact directly to the department:

Mateusz Goryczkiewicz Dyrektor ds. instalacji elektrycznych i automatyki tel.: +48 695 230 932 e-mail: m.goryczkiewicz@introlenergo.pl
Tomasz Zembaczyński Deputy Electrical Department Manager kom.: +48 603 075 939 e-mail: t.zembaczynski@introlenergo.pl
Marek Lempart Electrical Senior Tender Specialist tel.: +32 787 43 87 kom.: +48 695 390 162 e-mail: m.lempart@introlenergo.pl