New dam in Racibórz


On June 13th, 2020 in Racibórz, and in the presence of Poland’s President Andrzej Duda, a ceremonial construction termination of an anti-flood reservoir on the Odra river took place.

We are proud to inform that our company has participated in this ambitious project. We have installed and programmed the central control and visualization system.

Cogeneration plant in Jelenia Góra


On June 26th, 2020, as the leader of a consortium, Introl Energomontaż along with Ferox Energy Systems signed another contract

for a new cogeneration plant construction project in Jelenia Góra.

The new plant will have 8MW of electrical and 7.5 MW of thermal power.

The project will reduce the CO2 emissions in Jelenia Góra.

The deadline for completion is June 30th, 2022.

The contract is valued at 29.990.000 PLN.



On 20.11.2019, the Vice President of the Management Board of our company – Zbigniew Juroszek, together with the President of the Management Board of IB Systems – Tomasz Filipiak and the Vice President of the Management Board of i4Tech – Marek Białecki, took part in the Polish-American Nuclear Energy Forum organised by the Ministry of Development and the US Embassy in Poland.

During the first part of the event, the representatives of the government of the Republic of Poland confirmed the determination of our country to develop the nuclear energy sector as fast as possible and American companies which are leading in this sector declared to support this initiative and showed great openness to cooperation with specialist companies from Poland.

The Introl Group was introduced to Bechtel, Westinghouse, General Electric and Emerson in the second part of the Forum during bilateral talks. Current successes of our capital group made a very positive impression on the American guests and the presented companies were considered as perfect contractors of the ancillary systems.



On 27.03.2019, an agreement was signed between Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Mińsk Mazowiecki and the consortium of companies Introl-Energomontaż Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Chorzów and Ferox Energy Systems Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Katowice on the project implementation called “The construction of a heat and power plant in Mińsk Mazowiecki”.

The subject of the Agreement is a complex construction of a gas heat and power plant (EC) located in Mińsk Mazowiecki, equipped with two high performance gas cogeneration units, each with the following output parameters: electric power of ca. 3.3 MW and heat power of ca. 3.1 MW and heat accumulator with capacity of approx. 38.2 GJ. The heat and power plant shall be powered with methane-rich gas (E-type). Produced electricity will be transferred to the electricity transmission grid of the distribution system operator using 15kV cable line. Produced heat will be transferred to the heating grid. Planned investment completion date: 06.2020.



VIII Technical Conference in Rybnik – Modern Heat Plants and Heat and Power Plants. On 17-18 January in Rybnik, there was a technical conference devoted to the theme of cogeneration. Introl-Energomontaż, as a company having long experience and strong position in this sector, took an active part in it. Our employee, Paweł Kozak, gave a speech.

The presentation at the beginning was supposed to shortly introduce the Introl Group and its leading Company – Introl Energomontaż, which offers services from the energy sector. The presentation touched the topic of gas cogeneration and possibility of its execution on the basis of different technologies. Exemplary analyses of cost-effectiveness were shown for systems based on gas reciprocating engines and the topic of the real engines’ efficiency was mentioned, which slightly differ from the levels shown in the leaflets of the units’ manufacturers. Basing on the exemplary chart of structured demand on heat, the ideas of engine selection for ordinary heat plants were shown and the problem of irregularity of daily demand on HUW in summer was discussed. The work concept of a small heat accumulator with a gas engine as a source of heat was shown on the example of investment executed by Introl Energomontaż. Some reference facilities of the Introl-Energomontaż company were also introduced.



The investment of ECO Malbork covers the housing of two electric power generators with soundproof rooms.
The building consists of:

- two independent engine halls separated with a wall
- pump station with exchange station
- switchgear 0.4 kV
- switchgear 15 kV
- two rooms with unit transformers
- auxiliary transformer rooms

The engine is powered by natural gas.
Engine properties:
Manufacturer: Jenbacher, type: JMS 612GS-N.LC
Electric power with 100% load: 2004 kV
Heat power to use together with heat reception from the combustion: 1909 kV.

The following technological systems constitute a part of engine’s operation:

  • Heat recovery system – it uses the heat from the engine housing, oil and Intercooler (1st stage).
  • Emergency heat discharge system – it extracts unused heat by the heating circuit to the environment in order not to exceed the maximum temperature on the engine’s power supply (73 C).
  • Intercooler cooling system (2nd stage).
  • Oil system – generator is equipped with the system of automatic re-filling with lubrication oil.
  • Flue gas removal system – ended with silencers (in this case, they also play the role of vents)
  • Heat send-out system – heat received from oil cooling, engine housing and intercooler is directed to plate heat exchangers, but the flue gas is directed to flue gas/water exchanger.
  • Gas system – medium provision to the engines
  • Ventilation system – generator rooms, pump station (exchange station), electrical rooms.

Cogeneration generator
Exchange station rooms (pump station)

Cold rooms (emergency heat discharge system, Intercooler cooling system)
Ventilation system of the cogeneration generators’ room.
Flue gas removal system. On the picture, there are silencers (on the structures) and heat exchangers (flue gas/water) and diverters.
Electrical rooms (control cabinets and auxiliary transformer).

Cogeneration generator facility in ECO Malbork.

Jesteśmy w trakcie realizacji inwestycji w ECO Tarnobrzeg


The subject of the entire investment is the housing of two electric power generators in a designed technological building. The building consists of the following rooms:

  • two independent engine halls, separated with a wall
  • pump station with exchange station
  • switchgear 0.4 kV
  • switchgear 15 kV
  • two rooms with unit transformers
  • auxiliary transformer rooms

Cogeneration generators will be located in soundproof rooms.
The engines will be powered by GZ-50 natural gas.
The generator unit will include:

  • heat recovery system from cooling water: engine housing, oil system and flue gas cooling
  • interstage cooling system of fuel mixture
  • emergency engine cooling system with the water/air cooler
  • fuel-air mixture cooling system after the 2nd stage (lost heat)
  • lubrication system
  • flue gas removal system
  • gas line
  • vantilation and combustion air system
  • gas detection system,
  • fire risk detection system

Charakterystyka agregatów prądotwórczych :

  • Manufacturer: GE Jenbacher
  • Type: JMS 616 GS-N.L
  • Electric power with 100% load: 2681 kV
  • Heat power to use together with heat reception from the combustion: 2615 kV
  • Gas usage with 100% load: 628 Nm3/h (with heat power provided in 1 Nm3 of fuel = 9.5 kWh/Nm3 )
  • Electrical efficiency: 44.9%

Engine’s specification:

  • working cycle: 4-stroke
  • number of cylinders: 16 V
  • engine speed: 1500 rpm
  • specific oil consumption: 0.55 kg/h
  • gas pressure in the inlet to the gas path: min. 1000 mbar (1 bar)
  • mass air demand for combustion: 11773 Nm3/h (15215kg/h)
  • dry flue gas flow: 14700 kg/h
  • wet flue gas flow: 15628 kg/h
  • flue gas temperature behind the exchanger: min. 1000 C
  • flue gas temperature in front of the exchanger: 3390 C

Power generator’s specification:

  • generator’s manufacturer: AVK
  • generator’s type: DIG 142e/4
  • generator’s voltage: 6300 V
  • nominal power with cos φ=1.0 : 2681 kW
  • frequency: 50 Hz
  • protection class: IP 23
  • efficiency coefficient with cos φ=1.0 : 97.7 %
  • generator cooling: air

Total weight during work: engine 31800 kg + generator 10250 kg